How to Prepare for an Off-Roading Excursion
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How to Prepare for an Off-Roading Excursion

March 13, 2019

Are you planning to take your truck or SUV on an off-roading adventure sometime in the near future? If so, it’s important that you make all the proper preparations in advance—you shouldn’t go off-roading on a whim without having done any prep.

Here are a few tips from our towing service in Nampa, ID about the steps you should take if you are planning to go off-roading:

  • Get your car serviced: You probably don’t use your vehicle primarily for off-road purposes, so if you tend to use it more for daily driving needs around the city (or even in a rural area), you should make sure you have a professional take a look at it before you take it out for some rigorous off-road driving. This will give you a chance to uncover any potential problems or safety concerns with your vehicle beforehand. Your vehicle may not be used to the stresses and rigors associated with off-road driving, so you should check over every component of the vehicle, including mechanical and electrical systems, to make sure you’re good to go. It’s better to take the extra time to do this in advance than it is to suddenly be stuck in the middle of nowhere because your vehicle wasn’t properly prepared to handle off-road driving.
  • Pay close attention to your tires: Your tires are all that separate you from the ground, so it’s important they are all in the best possible condition if you’re going to take them into off-road territory. Check them over for general wear and tear and various types of damage, including cracks, cuts or splits. You should also look for any objects that may have embedded themselves in the tire, such as sticks, pebbles or nails. The tread should be at least 1.5 mm deep across the surface of the tread, and all tires should be inflated to their proper pressure. Make sure you have a spare to bring with you as well, and that the spare is in good condition in case you end up needing to use it.
  • Bring extra parts: A spare tire isn’t the only spare you should have on hand if you plan on doing any off-roading. It can also be helpful to have some extra fluids, filters, hoses, fuses and anything else you might need to replace. Beyond all of this, make sure you’re fully stocked with a vehicle repair kit, an emergency first aid kit, a flashlight and anything else you might need in the event that you get stranded.
  • Have the number of a service provider on hand: Even if you take all the proper precautions before hitting the back country, there’s still a chance your vehicle will break down. Make sure you have the number of a trusted tow service handy so you can call for assistance if needed.

For more information about how to prepare for off-roading, and to hopefully avoid the need for towing in Nampa, ID, reach out to AATCO Transmissions & Towing today.

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