Five Things You Need to Have in Your Emergency Car Kit

Five Things You Need to Have in Your Emergency Car Kit

June 7, 2019

Experiencing an issue with your vehicle on the side of the road and not being able to call the police or a towing service in Nampa, ID can be unnerving. To keep your mind at ease in an emergency situation, the best thing you can do is be prepared. This means packing essential emergency items in your vehicle in the event that something might happen. Unfortunately, the majority of drivers are not properly prepared for even the most minor of roadside emergencies.

Don’t let this be you. Store an emergency kit in your car! Here are five things you should have in your vehicle or packed into an emergency car kit:

  • Jumper cables: There are a number of reasons why your car battery might be dead, such as leaving your headlights or cabin lights on, or accidentally walking away with a door still slightly ajar. When you come back to use the car later, you find that the engine won’t start. These things and others can drain a car battery in no time flat, which is why it’s best to keep jumper cables—an inexpensive safety net—in your trunk at all times.
  • Flashlight and batteries: Breaking down on the side of the road in the middle of the night is no fun. In this case, you’ll be happy to have a flashlight and extra batteries packed away in your car’s emergency kit. A flashlight lets you see your way around so you can find the problem, and keep track of your family members (if they are with you).
  • Portable phone charger: Your cell phone can be a lifeline to call for roadside assistance or a towing service in Nampa, ID, but you can’t reach out to anyone by phone if your mobile device is not charged. A portable phone charger can keep your phone juiced up—just make sure to charge it from time to time when at home.
  • First aid kit: Not all roadside breakdowns will result in bodily injury. Even so, it’s a comfort to have a fully stocked (or at least basic) first aid kit tucked away in your roadside emergency car kit. This is especially helpful if you have allergies or need a pain pill after slamming a finger under the hood, or if you hurt yourself trying to put on the spare tire. Definitely carry a first aid kit with you when going hiking or camping, since you’ll be leaving your vehicle behind.
  • Food and water: Although roadside assistance should be able to get to you soon after you call, you never know how long you’ll be stranded on the side of the road. Whether you’re planning a long road trip or a day out of town, make sure your emergency car kit has bottles of water and non-perishable foods in it. Check these items every season, tossing out expired food and water for fresh replacements.

Don’t let car trouble keep you from going places. For timely towing and wrecker service in Nampa, ID, call AATCO Transmissions and Towing. We’ll come out to you 24/7, rain or shine!

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