How Does a Diesel Mechanic Differ from Other Mechanics?

How Does a Diesel Mechanic Differ from Other Mechanics?

October 23, 2019

A lot of mechanics seek out areas of specialty in their work. Not every mechanic provides all types of services to all types of vehicles. That’s not to say either approach is better than the other, simply that while one professional may be a full-service mechanic in Nampa, ID, another might choose to focus on one particular type of vehicle or aspect of mechanical work. One example would be diesel mechanics, who only work with diesel vehicles and engines.

Much of the work mechanics perform would be similar even between these two different types of mechanics. They’re both going to work on the same parts of vehicles, and handle many of the same sorts of problems. That said, there are some differences in terms of the responsibilities and needs of a diesel mechanic versus a full-service mechanic.

Let’s take a look at some of these differences.

Full-service mechanics

A general automotive service mechanic will focus on fixing any vehicles that have had issues that resulted in breakdowns, or will simply provide necessary maintenance to keep vehicles in good operational condition. At one point, vehicle mechanics only focused on the mechanical operation of the vehicles, but as automobiles have become significantly more sophisticated with the kinds of technologies and electronics they incorporate, mechanics must have correspondingly more sophisticated knowledge of these types of electronic systems and equipment. This means they’ll typically undergo some training in electrical and tech components, in addition to their general mechanical background.

Full-service mechanics must be able to analyze these systems to diagnose what’s going wrong with a vehicle so they can fix the correct problem and safely allow it to return to the road. Some of these technological systems have become so specialized that mechanics might have to focus on just one particular aspect of repair, though there are certainly other systems that are pretty much the same across a variety of different makes and models.

Diesel mechanics

A diesel mechanic primarily works on vehicles with diesel engines, such as trucks, buses and other large (often commercial) vehicles, or industrial equipment. You’ll often fine diesel mechanics directly employed by freight and shipping services, considering the sheer number of diesel-powered vehicles they will need to have in their fleets to be able to transport their cargo across the country.

Diesel mechanics can also have their own particular areas of specialty, such as deep sea and other water transportation, considering the number of boats that use diesel engines. Diesel mechanics must get a background in industrial and construction work to be successful.

The big difference between these two types of mechanics, then, is that diesel mechanics will focus on more of the mechanical nature of vehicles, while general automotive mechanics will get more technical with the sophisticated systems found in today’s vehicles. Each will require different forms of training, due to the differences in the engines.

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