How Long Can I Go Without Changing My Oil?

How Long Can I Go Without Changing My Oil?

December 16, 2019

Getting your oil changed every 5,000 miles can seem like a hassle, especially if you regularly drive long distances, but this routine maintenance is a key part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly. If you don’t change your oil regularly, you’re just asking for more expensive and time-consuming repairs down the line. When it’s time for your oil change in Nampa, ID, you can count on AATCO Transmissions and Towing to make the whole process fast and easy.

Why your car needs an oil change

Your car has a lot of moving parts, nearly all of which get heated as the car runs. It’s the oil’s job to keep those moving parts well lubricated, which in turn keeps the engine from overheating. As your car runs, it can accumulate dirt and debris from the engine. Over time, the more debris you have (and the lower your oil levels get), the less effectively the oil can properly lubricate the moving parts. This causes gradual wear and tear on your engine, which adds up over time.

What happens if you don’t change your oil regularly?

Really, though, how bad could it be? With everything else on your plate, you might be tempted to put off your oil change just a little while longer—but that’s just asking for trouble. Here’s what a delayed oil change can do to your car:

  • Decreased engine performance: When your oil hasn’t been changed in a while, debris in your fuel collects in the fuel filter. As you continue to drive, the filter gets clogged and the grime will recirculate throughout the engine. The thicker and grimier your oil gets, the harder your engine has to work to make sure all the parts are moving properly.
  • Engine failure: Since the oil has the secondary job of keeping the engine from overheating, grimy, sludgy oil will not only cause your engine to work harder, but it won’t draw heat from the moving parts. This can cause you to blow a gasket, or your entire engine may seize up. As the metal parts grind against each other, they wear down. Eventually your engine will stop functioning properly. At that point, you’ll either need to replace the entire engine, or buy a new car.
  • Voided vehicle warranty: Finally, your car’s warranty may depend on you changing your oil regularly. Check your owner’s manual—if you fail to change your oil at the recommended interval (usually 3,000 to 5,000 miles), you risk losing protection.

Get an oil change in Nampa, ID

AATCO Transmissions and Towing offers quick and easy oil changes in Nampa, ID. Come see us every 5,000 miles, and we’ll make sure your oil is changed, your fluid levels are topped off and your filter is changed for you. We’re also available for a full range of other automotive services, from routine maintenance to serious repairs. Call or stop by today and we’ll make sure your car is running in top shape this winter and well into the future!

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