Why Is a Transmission Flush Important for Your Vehicle?

Why Is a Transmission Flush Important for Your Vehicle?

February 24, 2020

Just as you regularly rotate your tires, check your oil and replace the windshield wiper fluid, your transmission needs regular maintenance to keep it performing in top shape. Although you only need to flush your transmission every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, it’s important to stay on top of that schedule—your transmission fluid has a finite lifespan, and your transmission needs new fluid in order to prevent damage. Getting a transmission flush in Nampa, ID is as easy as calling your local repair shop and scheduling an appointment—but why, exactly, do you need to do so? Here are some reasons:

  • Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant and coolant: Your transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating all the moving parts in your transmission, as well as removing any dirt and debris that can damage the delicate machinery. When engine and transmission parts move, they create heat. Transmission fluid not only allows the parts to move freely, but it also acts as a coolant so your car won’t overheat. Over time, as the fluid breaks down, it no longer acts as effectively. You need to flush your transmission before any damage occurs.
  • Transmission flushes improve performance: Not only does a transmission flush replace the old, broken-down fluids, but it also offers a more complete replacement than simply draining the transmission. In turn, this flushes out more dirt and debris, adds more new fluid and reduces the wear and tear on your engine and transmission. This ensures a longer lifespan for the components, as well as for your vehicle as a whole.
  • Prevent a transmission replacement: Transmission replacements are among the most expensive repairs that you could need—to the point where some people decide it’s better to buy an entirely new car than replace the transmission on their old one. When you regularly schedule transmission flushes, you’re taking the right steps to ensure you’ll never need to replace it entirely.

If you’re not sure when the last time your car’s transmission was flushed, bring it to the experts at AATCO Transmissions and Towing for a diagnosis. We can let you know how your transmission is currently operating and when might be a good time to schedule a transmission flush. The average American puts less than 15,000 miles on their car every year, so you may only need a transmission flush every two to three years. It’s a very small amount of effort to prevent some very costly repairs!

Get a transmission flush in Nampa, ID

The team at AATCO Transmissions and Towing is committed to keeping your transmission in top shape. Getting a routine transmission flush in Nampa, ID is as easy as calling or stopping by to schedule your routine maintenance. We are also happy to help if you find that your transmission is in need of repair or replacement. No matter your vehicle’s make or model, we have transmission expertise that you can trust. Call us today to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to serving you soon!

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